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Our History
The idea for The Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q restaurant began in 2008 when Greg and Angie Woolard and Cindy and Neal Anderson, talked about the idea of opening a bar-b-que restaurant in their hometown of Glennville, GA. Their concept always included the intent of expansion into towns, a little off the beaten path, with the belief that a warm atmosphere and great food would create a true destination point for folks wanting a good meal. The Rusty Pig would be a fast, casual dining experience for the entire family. As planning began, it was decided that each restaurant would be somewhat unique and would incorporate a local flair rather than the usual cookie-cutter style. It was always understood that Rusty Pig restaurants would not be open on Sunday to give all employees the chance to attend church and be with family.

The menu for The Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q restaurant was developed with love and care. Recipes, handed down from generation to generation, were discussed and chosen. Almost all the side dishes are made from scratch, giving them a real home-cooked taste. Décor would be comfortable, with the intent that our customers feeling as though they were dining in our home.

The first Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q restaurant opened in Glennville in October 2009, and was a great success from the first meal served. Our second Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q restaurant opened in Rincon in March of 2011. There are plans for a third and fourth Rusty Pig Bar-B-Q restaurant in 2013. Stay tuned…
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